Wednesday, March 2, 2011

why I don't need an Ipad

I have a 5 year old Acer laptop that I bought for $399.00 in 2006. Two years ago I had a friend do a clean reinstall to get some of the junk that was clogging up my computer.I also purchased extra RAM for about 30 dollars and have 2Gs. I only have 16G worth of storage but I purchased an external hard drive for 60 bucks. I maintain my computer by running CC Cleaner and a defrag program at least once a month.

I can watch videos, check email, shop online,download mp3's, etc etc etc etc. I don't have a camera on my laptop but have a digital camera if I want to take pictures or videos.

I don't play games so any apps like that aren't necessary. I do read but have a $10 per month subscription to an online book rental company where I get 4 books at at time, once I return them I get 4 back within a week. I also have  a kindle that was given to me as a gift, because that is something else I would never buy (still appreciate it as a very thoughtful gift though and do use it).
No I cannot bring this laptop with me wherever I go,  as it is inconvenient to do so. But I don't feel like I must have instant access to entertainment and information at all times. I'm fine with a book, a little music, or, gasp! my own thoughts. 
I don't understand why someone would need a laptop, a smartphone, and an ipad. Seems a little excessive to me. And it's not like we're supporting American jobs by buying these things because they are made in China.  Although my laptop was probably made in China, so I'm a hypocrite. Are any electronics made in the U.S.? Don't want to get on a Apple rant here, but does Apple do community outreach and charity work? At least Bill Gates is doing a lot of good with his billions of dollars.

I probably sound like an old lady right now

I hope karma doesn't bite me in the ass and my laptop breaks and I end up having to buy a new one.