Monday, May 24, 2010

why do I have a cat?

I say this because my lovely animal that is supposed to bring me joy and comfort, and allows me to say silly and inane things to him in a high-pitched annoying voice, and who loves me unconditionally (as long as I feed him haha), decided to throw up in my bed this morning. I'm assuming people who have children think this a lot, as kids are more destructive and messy than cats. I remember when I was about 3 or 4 waking up in the middle of the night, walking to my parents room, and throwing up all over their bed. Hmmm, karma perhaps?
On a totally different subject, my upstairs neighbors are really irritating. I just heard the guy laugh loudly and thought "quiet, you." When we moved in our apartment, the upstairs apartment also had a couple living there, and they were really sweet and friendly. The guy would even help me bring heavy stuff up to my door. Sadly, they moved and the new one came in. While we rarely heard our previous upstairs neighbors, we constantly hear the new ones. We hear them stomping across the floor, scraping chairs loudly, yanking open drawers, and god knows what else. I don't understand.
The other night the neighbors were being particularly hippo-ish and Tom yelled up at the ceiling "shut up cows!" I hope they didn't hear me but seriously, are you people bowling up there? Maybe one of you is OCD and has to constantly rearrange furniture?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the not-as-young, not-so-single, still bitter

Now that I'm approaching..ahem...30..ugh....I feel that I can no longer refer to myself as young. Youth is that window between 14 and 29, in my opinion. Sure, at 30 you may still look young (I am still pretty arrogant about the fact that I look about 22...kind of a bitchy thing to brag about but oh well), but you've got "adult" pretty much stamped on your ass at this age. I think the hardest part about turning 30 will be trying not to compare myself to my peers who have actual adult things like houses and children and such, or what some people like to term "accomplishments."
Not being single anymore is really fun too, and reading back, some of my "I'll never find someone" remarks seem a little melodramatic and silly. Never is just a word that shouldn't be used in those contexts.
My inappropriate use of the word "never" reminds me of another time, in the first year I moved to NYC, when I was walking with some out-of-town friends through Times Square. The experience brought together everything I hated about NYC: humidity, heat, noisy crowds, and lack of personal space. As we dodged around yet another group of people who decided to stop and gawk, I said "I'm never coming to Times Square again. I hate this place!"
Of course, I go there all the time, mainly to see movies. Its a great place to meet people because the location is so central, and they've got two huge movie theaters right across the street from each other. Of course I'm going to be seeing movies there.
I'm still pretty bitter, mainly about the same bs, general disappointment in humanity, continued disgust with much of what pop culture has to offer these days. But I'm sure I'll get to that soon. Or maybe not. Being angry alot is not fun. Sometimes I just block all the negativity that exists in our society and have to focus on the things I like, otherwise I feel like my head might explode-

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This bitch is back!

Hahahahaha. Well lots of things bother me right now so I might start back up on this thing. Being in school really took a lot of focus for awhile but now I have really started to miss my creative outlet.
I'm starting to notice in my writing that I don't put commas between an ending dependent clause. Reference the sentence above, is it sacrilege not to put the comma after the "awhile"? The part of me that wants to stick to grammar rules says yes, but then I feel like in some instances the comma just breaks up the flow of the sentence. I don't know. Probably doesn't matter.
Better get off this thing before work internet spy programs catch me being unproductive.