Monday, November 29, 2010

TSA measures

So many people out there are outraged at the new TSA security procedures. I can't say I agree with the new measures completely, but not for the reasons that most of the whiners and haters portrayed on the news hate them. My question would be: are these measures the most effective at preventing terrorist acts on planes? Are there better methods? But until we get these answers, I'm okay with the body scanners.  I don't feel violated by them. I'm not looking foward to them, mind you. And I am sad that in order to fly we have to be subjected to all of this stuff.

But I'd like to add, to the overweight, 40-something lady who was bitching about the body scanners on the news, the who said "the only people who get to see me naked are my husband and my doctor." Let me tell you, lady, that I highly doubt any TSA agent is getting turned on by the sight our your headless, lumpy, saggy image. And your husband and doctor may GET to see you naked, but honestly, in both instances, I doubt it's by choice.  I'm really not as concerned with TSA agents inappropriately reacting to peoples' body scans. Seriously, people need to quit flattering themselves. As far as the pat downs are concerned,  most people get pat downs to get into clubs and  concerts and big public events, and no one has expressed outrage over this. I've never heard anyone say, "Those goddammed bouncers at the club were violating my rights!" or "How dare the security guards at the Cowboys game search me! My rights are violated!!"

A lot of the arguments against body scanners and pat downs remind me of arguments about why people don't want gays out in the military or why they try and argue about why they don't like gays in their vicinity. Most of the reasons are: "I'm straight and don't need to be ogled or hit on by gays. It makes me uncomfortable."
Quite flattering yourself again there, hoss. You really think a gay dude wants you? Doubtful. Even if you are hot stuff, which in most cases, I seriously doubt (quick aside, has anyone else noticed that there a very few attractive men in comparison to attractive women out there? Most women could be described as pretty, with a few on either side of the spectrum, but most guys are pretty much average..anywhoo), the fact that you are so homophobic is probably a huge turnoff to them...oh and the fact that you're STRAIGHT!

If you really are concerned that TSA agents have endless boners and are basically paid molesters, then by all means don't fly. The effectiveness of these new measures certainly need to be tested and additional methods and means of preventing terrorists getting onto planes need to be explored. But acting as if these measures are sexual or "dirty" in any way is just childish. It also proves that many of us tend to sexualize nudity (or in this case, implied nudity) and touching, which to me, implies unhealthy and shameful conceptions of our own body images.
By all means, go ahead and bitch about it. That's something our country just loves to do. All I'm asking is to bitch about these measures for less silly reasons.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

horrible thoughts I should just keep to myself but feel compelled to share

Your kid may be cute now, but it'll just grow up to be an asshole like everyone else.

Wow that is NOT a cute baby. Maybe the whole ugly duckling/swan thing will work out for it one day...I hope.

Fat or pregnant?

Out of my way! Or it's an elbow to the gut! (not that I would ever do that....that's just...mean!)

God doesn't exist! (then laugh maniacally inside my head).

If your goal in wearing that was to resemble someone who'd like to be paid for sex, you've succeeded.

I have a lot more, but they are way meaner and I've probably offended enough people already. one reads this but me. Nevermind!